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Debbie Macomber

Love Letters (аудиокнига на 9 CD)

Random House Audio, 2014
Each new guest at the Rose Harbor Inn is touched by a letter that proves love is strong enough to overcome any challenge. For Ellie Reynolds, it's a letter from a man she thinks she knows that reconnects her with the father she can't remember, and opens the doors for new love. For Maggie Porter, the reemergence of an old love letter from her husband reminds the couple of what's most important and helps them rekindle an old flame. And for Jo Marie Rose, revisiting a letter from her husband Paul who was killed in battle in Afghanistan gives her the blessing she needs to see a new future for the first time since he went missing in action. Weaving together three moving stories of healing, forgiveness, and compassion, Debbie Macomber's latest audiobook illuminates the many ways we are shaped and changed by love.
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сост. Е.Т.Киблик: Художественный эротический фотоальманах, №1, 1990 - ЭМО "Центр", 1990
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